This is our first holiday episode! Featuring a follow-up with season one guest Brian, and a very special holiday song. (more…)

Radio Race

This inning of Third Base features two short radio stories about love and loving yourself, made for the KCRW 2016 Radio race. Hear more about the race at KCRW. This episode features work from producer Gary Buchler and from producers Karen Holman and Brian Hart.


Meet Some Queer People

What does “cis” mean? How do I talk to trans people? This episode is all about gender. Not everyone is either a man or a woman, and gender is way more complicated than just “boy or girl.” On this show we have two people for you to meet, and both of them are here to talk about their lived experience outside the gender binary.

This episode features work from producer Ali Lemer. More at soundcloud.com/ali-lemer


Orpheus Black on Image

In this episode, sex educator Orpheus Black shares his thoughts on image, perception and race.



Halloween Hay Romp

The first annual Third Base Halloween Romp features stories about sexy costumes, tarot cards, and sex magick. Join Steve Nelson, Iris Banium-Houle and Julia Ferguson on this journey into the world of spooky sex.


Pregnant Hustle

Karen Mason talks to us about her business, Circus of Books.


myOne Condoms

Steve learns about a new condom available in 56 sizes. Learn more at onecondoms.com



Final PrEP Facts

We get the definitive word on PrEP from two experts, in this last episode from our series on the HIV prevention drug PrEP (more…)

Quickie: Finding Porn

We break from our scheduled programming to bring you another Third Base Quickie!

Behind a dumpster? Under your older siblings bed? Everybody remembers where they found porn for the first time. On this episode Steve talks to Armen about discovering the world of dirty pictures.

On our next episode we’ll wrap up our series on PrEP.


Dry Kissing

In the early 80’s, Scott heard about a “Gay Cancer” scare in his town. He shares his story and perspective for this installation in our series about the HIV prevention method PrEP.