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Perfect Record

Brian had a business, a house and a car. Then he was diagnosed with HIV. In Kanasas. It’s hard to know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. In this episode we explore the dark history of HIV in America for our series on PrEP.


PrEPare to Meet Raul

Raul the PrEPducator joins us to talk outreach, bathhouses, and blowjobs.


Her Breast Self

Iris has always had a complex relationship with her breasts. Listen as it gets a lot more complicated. In this episode Iris visits Jul Head Piercing and goes under the needle.


Gunpowder and Gold Rings

In this special episode, Steve takes us on a trip back in time to reveal what some Victorians were hiding under their corsets, bustles and waistcoats. Keep your ears open for an appearance by the splendid Helen Zaltzman. Can’t get enough of her? Visit



Iris and Steve go back and define terms they neglected to explain the first time around.


Review: The Wedge

In this companion to our Liberator factory tour episode, Iris relates her personal experience with the Wedge (a sex pillow) and Throe (a sex blanket).  (more…)

Quickie: Waxing and Waning

Iris talks about her Bushy Brazilian, and we question why old sex toys disappear.


Liberator: On the Factory Floor

Steve takes a field trip! Enjoy a factory and showroom tour of America’s premiere sex pillow manufacturer.


Hit On and Miss Out

Isolating your target from their friends? Blocking their exit route? Asking for too much personal information too soon? Discover some of the ways you might be turning people off by coming on to them.


Dungeon Don’ts

Iris reveals an experience at a dungeon play party to Steve and they both share some crucial BDSM do’s and don’ts.